Marketo Alternatives (Sep 2017)

By: Puranjay Singh   Last updated: 20 Sep 2017

Marketo's powerful content personalization and automation capabilities make it a favorite among established small and medium-sized businesses. However, some users might find the pricing and complexity too high. For such users, these Marketo alternatives might be more suitable.


1 HubSpot

Screenshot of HubSpot homepage
Price: $200/month
Best for: Established small businesses

Marketo is a an automation platform, while HubSpot is an inbound marketing platform with some marketing automation capabilities.

Yet, in terms of features, there is significant overlap between Marketo and HubSpot. Both will give you the tools you need to run an integrated content marketing campaign across multiple channels.

The similarities between Marketo and HubSpot go beyond their features as well. Both these companies are similar in market cap, employee count and target audience. They are also priced similarly - HubSpot's recommended plan will cost you $800/month (minus add-ons), while Marketo starts at $895/month.

All these similarities make HubSpot one of the best alternatives to Marketo...Full HubSpot Review


  • Great inbound marketing features for capturing leads
  • Great - and continuously improving - CRM and sales features
  • Tons of educational content and vibrant community


  • Expensive - expect to pay thousands annually for mid-tier plans
  • Marketing automation capabilities are average at best
  • Feature bloat impacts user-experience

Other Alternatives

2 Infusionsoft

Screenshot of Infusionsoft homepage
Price: $199/month
Best for: Established small businesses

Infusionsoft is an all-in-one marketing automation platform that aims to handle every stage of your marketing and sales, from lead acquisition to eventual conversion.

Both Infusionsoft and Marketo are automation-first marketing tools. They both act as "platforms" to run an integrated content marketing campaign with a focus on capturing and nurturing leads.

However, Infusionsoft lacks Marketo's extensive content personalization capabilities. On the positive side, it offers e-commerce pages and a built-in payment processor.

For smaller businesses, Infusionsoft would be a better choice given its ease of use and substantially lower pricing...Full Infusionsoft Review


  • Complete funnel management, from lead acquisition to conversion
  • E-commerce capabilities complement automation features
  • Top-notch training, support and community


  • Feature bloat is a problem; can be hard to use for some
  • Expensive; all plans require annual commitment
  • No built-in split-testing capabilities

3 Salesforce Marketing Cloud

Screenshot of Salesforce homepage
Price: $400/month
Best for: Established small businesses

Salesforce Marketing Cloud is the marketing automation product from Salesforce. Packed with features, it works perfectly for organizations already using the Salesforce CRM.

If you compare Salesforce and Marketo in terms of features, Salesforce is clearly the better choice. You get better social media and emial automation capabilities. Salesforce is also better at handling and segmenting data at scale. It also integrates easily with Salesforce CRM, which is still the best CRM solution on the market.

The problem is that Salesforce Marketing Cloud is hard - and expensive - to buy. Don't be fooled by the $400 initial price tag; for any meaningful package, you'll spend thousands each month. It is also not particularly user-friendly for small businesses.

If you're a larger business and have the resources to support a Salesforce deployment, it can be a good alternative to Marketo...Full Salesforce Review


  • Powerful automation features spread across different "studios"
  • Works seamlessly with Salesforce CRM
  • In-depth segmentation works great for large contacts lists


  • Missing critical features not available in some packages
  • Expensive; plans are directed at medium to large businesses
  • Steep learning curve. Difficult to get started on your own

How to Choose Your Marketo Alternative

Marketo's content personalization capabilities and automation strengths make it one of the better marketing automation softwares on the market.

However, Marketo does have two weaknesses: pricing and ease of use.

This might not be a problem for established businesses with adequate resources, but smaller businesses will find the software prohibitively expensive. It is also not easy to use or deploy; you will need a dedicated person and/or extensive training to use it.

Thus, any Marketo alternative you choose should ideally have similar features, but at a lower price and with more ease of use.

Based on this criteria, I recommend the following:

  • HubSpot, if you want a stronger focus on inbound marketing and more ease of use.
  • Infusionsoft, if you want only marketing automation features at a lower price
  • Salesforce, if you want enterprise-grade marketing automation and have a higher budget

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