Ontraport Alternatives (Sep 2017)

By: Puranjay Singh   Last updated: 20 Sep 2017

Ontraport is an all-in-one marketing software with a built-in CRM, sales automation and marketing automation capabilities. For some users, however, the design and learning curve might not be a good fit. For these users, the following tools can be good alternatives to Ontraport.


1 Infusionsoft

Screenshot of Infusionsoft homepage
Price: $199/month
Best for: Established small businesses

Infusionsoft is an all-in-one marketing automation platform that aims to handle every stage of your marketing and sales, from lead acquisition to eventual conversion.

In comparison to Ontraport, Infusionsoft has nearly all the same features as Ontraport (except for postcards and SMS marketing). In addition, it offers e-commerce capabilities (including a storefront) and the ability to accept payments. These two features make it a great alternative for businesses who want to not just attract leads, but also sell products online or in physical stores.

The problem is the pricing: Infusionsoft requires an annual contract. It also requires mandatory onboarding. So while the pricing is nearly the same monthly, there initial costs can pinch...Full Infusionsoft Review


  • Complete funnel management, from lead acquisition to conversion
  • E-commerce capabilities complement automation features
  • Top-notch training, support and community


  • Feature bloat is a problem; can be hard to use for some
  • Expensive; all plans require annual commitment
  • No built-in split-testing capabilities

Other Alternatives

2 ActiveCampaign

Screenshot of ActiveCampaign homepage
Price: $9/month
Best for: Small businesses

If you want a taste of marketing automation without the steep price, give ActiveCampaign a shot.

ActiveCampaign has most of the features that Ontraport has - CRM, marketing automation, sales automation. In addition, it also does site tracking and on-page messaging. None of these features are better than Ontraport's on their own, but together, they work well enough to give Ontraport a run for its money. Importantly, ActiveCampaign has a visual automation builder (which Ontraport lacks).

Pricing wise, ActiveCampaign is significantly cheaper to try - plans start at just $9/month. However, for any decent number of contacts (10k+) and a good plan, you will end up paying nearly the same, if not more, than Ontraport.

Still, for people who want low initial payment and a visual automation builder, it's a good alternative...Full ActiveCampaign Review


  • Marketing automation builder is superbly user-friendly
  • On-site tracking and messaging is a welcome feature
  • Top-notch email analytics


  • Email builder is clunky and difficult to use
  • No way to build landing pages
  • List-based emails undermine CRM features

3 ConvertKit

Screenshot of ConvertKit
Price: $29/month
Best for: Bloggers

ConvertKit's USP is its ease of use and laser sharp focus on email automation. It doesn't have much to offer in the way of marketing automation, but it is neither sold nor meant to automate your business; just your email.

In comparison to Ontraport, ConvertKit is significantly easier to use. It is also cheaper - for about 10,000 contacts, you'll pay less than a third for CK as you would for Ontraport.

Of course, for this cheaper price, you get significantly fewer features - there's no CRM, no sales automation, no pipeline management. You can't send postcards, sell products via order forms, or do complex automations.

If you don't care about these features, or are a blogger or author who sends text heavy emails, this might be a good Ontraport alternative...Full Review


  • Extremely easy to send automated text-heavy emails
  • Simple trigger based if-then automation is easy to use
  • Effective built-in methods to capture leads


  • Email editor is useless for visual emails
  • Tons of missing features - CRM, sales management, etc.
  • Limited audience segmentation capabilities

How to Choose Your Ontraport Alternative

Ontraport's features are geared towards small businesses and infopreneurs. This is why you get order forms with upsell capabilities and an automated postcard sender.

If you're in the market for an Ontraport alternative, pick something that is either cheaper than Ontraport, or fills in some of its missing capabilities.

For instance, Ontraport doesn't have strong e-commerce capabilities. It also can't accept payments. Additionally, the automation builder isn't visual; you have to set up triggers and if-then rules manually. If these features are important to you, you'll find Infusionsoft to be a great Ontraport alternative.

Similarly, Ontraport's recommended plan starts at $279/month. For a lot of users, this might be too much. In such a case, ActiveCampaign or ConvertKit might be better alternatives, mostly because of the lower price tag.

Based on this criteria, I recommend the following alternatives:

  • Infusionsoft, if you want the same features as Ontraport + e-commerce and better community
  • ActiveCampaign, if you want a cheap marketing automation tool with low initial commitment
  • ConvertKit, if you want simple email automation and don't care about CRM or sales automation

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