Frequently Asked Questions - Marketing Automation Software

By: Puranjay Singh. Last Updated: 20 Sep 2017

Get answers to your most frequently asked questions when buying marketing automation tools and services.

Marketing Automation Basics

Q. What is marketing automation?

Marketing automation, as the name implies, refers to software that helps you automate marketing tasks. This can be something as simple as sending a link to a login page after a user signs-up for a service, or as complex as automatically segmenting leads and plugging them into a conversion funnel.

Q. What do you need to use marketing automation?

Marketing automation describes a broad range of software. Technically, you don't even need a full-fledged website to use marketing automation. As long as you have a way to capture leads, you can get started with automation.

Q. What should you keep in mind when buying?

While preferences will vary, we've found that focusing on these five things yields the best results when buying marketing automation software:

  • Features: Focus on whether the software has features that fulfill your needs.
  • User-Experience: This includes a focus on design, UI and most importantly, ease of use.
  • Pricing: Since marketing automation software can cost hundreds of dollars each month, focusing on pricing is critical.
  • Support: Good support is crucial when buying an expensive and complex software product like marketing automation software.
  • Community: Although not critical, a strong and vibrant community can help you maximize utility from the software.