Infusionsoft Review: Features, User-Experience and Pricing

By: Puranjay Singh   Last updated: 20 Sep 2017

True marketing automation at a reasonable price tag. Packed with features and relatively easy to use. Think of it as a "jack of all trades" marketing tool. However, onboarding fee and annual billing are a negative for small businesses.



Pricing & Support


Best for: Small businesses and startups

Plans from: $199/month

Infusionsoft Overview

Infusionsoft is one of the oldest marketing automation tools around. The company has been around since 2001, back when "marketing automation" was something only Fortune 500 businesses had access to. With its focus on small and medium-sized businesses, Infusionsoft has certainly carved a niche in this increasingly crowded space.

Infusionsoft is often called a "jack of all trades" marketing automation tool. Although it focuses on automation, it also includes a CRM, a shopping cart, payment processing, email marketing nad even affiliate management. Which is to say, you can run nearly all your marketing online with a single Infusionsoft subscription.

Just take a look at some of the features:

  • Small business CRM
  • Marketing automation
  • Sales automation
  • Built-in analytics
  • E-commerce pages
  • Payments

This sets it up in a different category than enterprise grade marketing automation tools like Salesforce or Eloqua which are designed for more established businesses.

Essentially, Infusionsoft aims to be the integrated "home" for your entire online marketing, from sending automated emails to Awareness stage customers to accepting payments and running affiliate programs.

About Infusionsoft

Startups often fail and as a business, you can't really afford to invest energy into using software that might not be around in a couple of years.

Thankfully, this isn't an issue here. Infusionsoft is a very old (founded in 2001) and stable business. It has raised over $127M and has over 500 employees. While it isn't as large as some of its competitors (Salesforce and HubSpot are both public companies), Infusionsoft is in a "near-IPO" state.

You can rest assured that Infusionsoft will be around for quite a while.

Review Methodology

My Infusionsoft review methodology focuses on three aspects of the software:

  • Marketing automation capabilities and features
  • User-experience, pricing and support
  • Insight from industry professionals

My target audience in these reviews is small businesses, startups, and infopreneuers. Large businesses and enterprise customers have very different requirements and some of the recommendations here might not apply to them.

As a marketer myself, I also approach the software from a marketer's point of view. I have used several of the tools reviewed in these pages and the insights come from extensive personal use and testing.

Infusionsoft Review: Features

You buy software for its features. User-experience, pricing and support are important, but they are essentially garnishing; if the software can't do what you want it to do, it's a poor buy.

In this section, I'll look at core Infusionsoft features, how they work, and what you can expect from it. I will also examine how its feature availability stacks up against competitors.

What I like

  • Visual campaign builder is a breeze to use
  • All-in-one solution takes care of the entire customer journey
  • All features revolve around email marketing

What I don't like

  • As a mature software, feature bloat is becoming a problem
  • No built-in split-testing capabilities
  • Built-in CRM is not as feature-rich as standalone CRMs

1. Visual Campaign Builder Works Great

Infusionsoft's campaign builder is the heart of the software. This is where you'll set up your automation flows and map out your entire funnel.

The campaign builder is entirely visual in nature. This means you can drag-and-drop elements (forms, landing pages, etc.) and define automation rules for them. You can create complex automation flows based on simple if-then logic ("if customer fills form A, then send him to landing page A").

This is one of Infusionsoft's best features and something you won't find in cheaper tools.

Infusionsoft Visual Campaign builder

The Visual Campaign Builder lets you drag-and-drop elements to define your automation flow.

2. Useful Built-in CRM

For most businesses, the CRM is the foundation of their sales and marketing. This is the "blue book" of all your prospects, customers and opportunities.

Infusionsoft has a built-in CRM. This makes it easy to keep track of the entire customer journey. It has all the features you'd expect from a simple CRM - tagging leads, analyzing demographics, segmentation, prospect tracking, etc.

That said, Infusionsoft's CRM isn't as feature-rich as a standalone solution like Salesforce or SugarCRM. There is no "predictive intelligence" or social component.

However, the deep integration into the marketing automation tool makes it far more useful, especially if you have a small team.

Infusionsoft CRM showing a contact

Despite some gaps, Infusionsoft's CRM offers most common features you'd need. This screenshot shows the contact management page.

3. Strong E-Commerce Capabilities

Infusionsoft offers a complete storefront with a shopping cart. If you need a simple way to sell something online, this feature comes in extremely handy.

Essentially, Infusionsoft's e-commerce tools enable you to sell without relying on a third party provider (like Shopify or Ecwid). You can create a store, manage inventory, create discounts and promos - basically, everything you'd expect from a basic e-commerce software.

More importantly, since the store is integrated with your marketing, the experience is seamless - for you as well as your customers.

Infusionsoft's E-commerce capabilities are quite strong

The built-in e-commerce capabilities are robust, if not extensive. It can't match up to Shopify, but it is good enough for most users.

4. Mobile-Ready Templates and Payment Processing

There are three key components that make Infusionsoft mobile-ready:

  • Mobile app that puts common features at your fingertips
  • Responsive templates that look good on all devices
  • Mobile payments through an app + card reader, effectively turning your phone into a POS

The ability to accept mobile payments alone makes Infusionsoft best-in-class when it comes to mobile readiness.

Infusionsoft's email templates are mobile-ready

Infusionsoft's email templates are well-designed and use responsive design to look good on smaller screens.

5. Accepting Payments is Downright Easy

As an "all-in-one" tool, Infusionsoft aims to handle every facet of your business, including accepting payments.

You can accept payments using a smart card reader, or through an online checkout form. Infusionsoft payments works seamlessly with the sales and marketing tools, giving you better insight and control over the entire customer journey.

Infusionsoft's rates are very competitive, starting at 2.9% + $0.30. This is the same as Stripe and

Infusionsoft payments

The payment system integrates easily with Infusionsoft sales, marketing and e-commerce, making for a seamless selling experience.

6. Lots of Integrations

Infusionsoft might want to be your only marketing tool, but in reality, you'll always have other tools for handling specific tasks.

Importing data from these tools into Infusionsoft is easy thanks to hundreds of integrations. You can check out some of the integrations in the Infusionsoft marketplace.

In all, there are over 500+ integrations covering everything from project management to accounting tools.

Infusionsoft marketplace apps

Some of the more popular integrations in Infusionsoft Marketplace

7. Poor Personalization Capabilities

If there is one thing Infusionsoft clearly lacks when compared to its bigger competitors, it's personalization.

Personalization - both in terms of on-page content and content recommendations - is simply not a big focus for Infusionsoft. You get basic email personalization and a rudimentary webpage personalization, but that's about it. If you want to serve content and offers based on complex scenarios, you'll do better with a tool like Salesforce.

Infusionsoft Personalization capabilities

Personalization is very limited with a large focus on email and not much in the way of content recommendations or on-page personalization.

List of Infusionsoft Features

Infusionsoft has five different plans starting from $199/month and going all the way up to $599/month (charged annually). More features become available as you go up the pricing tiers. The starting $199/month plan, for instance, doesn't offer sales auotmation or e-commerce capabilities. To get all core Infusionsoft features, you'll have to get at least the Complete plan ($379/month).

Below, I've examined how Infusionsoft stacks up when it comes to core feature availability.

Availability Feature What it does

Visual Automation Builder

A visual, drag-and-drop method to build automation flows

In-Depth Segmentation

Zero down on a narrow audience with in-depth segmentation. Infusionsoft's segmentation is strong.

Mobile Optimized Templates

Templates for landing pages and emails optimized for mobile users

Content Management

Manage all your content and offers from a single, unified interface; Infusionsoft doesn't have this feature

A/B Testing

While you can still run tests by segmenting your traffic, there is no dedicated split testing tool - a glaring omission.

Built-in CRM

Infusionsoft has a basic CRM for handling most common business needs. If you need something more powerful, plug in to a full-fledged CRM

Content Predictions/Recommendations

Show content/offer recommendations based on the customer's past behavior. Infusionsoft's personalization capabilities are very limited.

E-Commerce Capabilities

Infusionsoft offers the best built-in storefront/shopping cart among competitors.

Triggered Communication and Workflows

Use it to send communication (emails, messages, etc.) based on customer actions, or plug customers into different automation workflows based on activity.

1:1 Customer Journeys

Infusionsoft's audience insight doesn't work at the 1:1 level. You can set up different rules for different audience segments, but not at the individual level


Email Deliverability

Infusionsoft's email deliverability is strong, but you can't use your own servers which can impact results for some users.

Payment Processing

You can accept payments online and through a mobile card reader at very reasonable rates (2.9% + $0.30).

Affiliate Program Management

Infusionsoft has a built-in referral management program. Great if you need to recruit affiliates to promote your product.


Infusionsoft aims to be the only marketing tool you'll ever need. This reflects in its features as well. It does one thing really well - marketing automation - and a lot of things adequately well. You can essentially use it to build up every facet of your online marketing presence, from setting up landing pages to accepting payments via checkout forms.

Infusionsoft's customers are largely small businesses, startups and even solopreneurs who want to automate large parts of their marketing processes. These are businesses with limited manpower who hope to run their marketing on autopilot.

If this describes you, you'll find Infusionsoft to be a highly capable, feature-rich marketing tool.

To sum it up: Infusionsoft has powerful marketing automation capabilities, especially with the addition of the visual campaign builder. It also has features for setting up landing pages, checkout forms and accepting payments. This makes it a great tool for a business that wants an integrated, one-stop-shop product for managing every aspect of their online marketing.

Infusionsoft Review: User-Experience

Poor user-experience, rather than poor feature availability, is usually the biggest cause of buyer regret when it comes to software. Far too many shoppers either don't factor-in user-experience at all in their purchase decision, or consider it too late.

From what I've seen, user-experience often has a bigger impact on the success of a software deployment than its cost or capabilities. A smooth, friendly user-experience encourages people to commit to the software, improving your chances of sucecss.

This is why user-experience is a big part of my review process. I consider what the software feels like, whether it is well-designed, easy to buy and easy to get help with.

Below, I'll take a look at the Infusionsoft's UI/UX.

What I like

  • The visual campaign builder is delightfully easy to use
  • Design is modern and clean; feels like a 2017 software
  • Data cleanup (removing duplicate entries) is fast and efficient

What I don't like

  • You have to go through sales to sign-up
  • Email builder isn't very intuitive, particularly for HTML emails
  • Limited reporting capabilities

1. Visual Campaign Builder Works Seamlessly

As I said before, the visual campaign builder is the highlight of the software, and it works seamlessly. The if-then automation flow through drag-and-drop blocks is intuitive and takes no time to get used to.

This tool single-handedly elevates Infusionsoft's UX to above-average level. You'll be spending a lot of time building your automation journeys and an easy to use tool is very handy here.

Infusionsoft visual campaign builder showing different traffic sources

Another image of the Visual Campaign Builder in Infusionsoft showing different traffic sources you can use in your campaigns.

2. Clean and Modern UI

Infusionsoft's slogan is "modernize your marketing". The software certainly feels that way - the UI is clean and modern looking. Sure, it's no Slack in terms of user-friendliness, but it definitely feels like something you'd use in 2017.

The navigation is well laid out and all tools are neatly integrated. You won't have any problems finding what you need. If you've ever been overwhelmed by enterprise tools, you'll find Infusionsoft to be a welcome surprise.

The dashboard shows you the most useful stats in an easy-to-read manner

The UI is modern and nice looking. The dashboard shows you the most useful stats in an easy-to-read manner

3. Mild Feature Bloat Impacts Usability

When Infusionsoft started out, it was largely a simple marketing automation solution. Over time, they've added a CRM, an e-ommerce platform, a payment processor, sales automation and even analytics into the software.

While these features are welcome, they've made Infusionsoft difficult to use, especially for those new to marketing software. You will need help; thankfully, the mandatory onboarding/setup cost covers that.

Infusionsoft's growing list of features is clearly visible in its navigation menu.

Infusionsoft's growing list of features is clearly visible in its navigation menu.

4. Email Editor is Unimpressive

Email is the centerpiece of Infusionsoft's offering. It started off as an email automation tool and the software is still built around automating emails.

Despite this focus on email, Infusionsoft's email editor is unimpressive. It has neither the features nor the intuitiveness of a software like MailChimp. You won't miss any crucial features, but you will miss the ease of use.

Thankfully, there is a new email editor in beta that's significantly easier to use.

The email editor in Infusionsoft has most features you'll need, but it isn't easy to use. The new beta tool, thankfully, works better.

The email editor in Infusionsoft has most features you'll need, but it isn't easy to use. The new beta tool, thankfully, works better.


Infusionsoft is a nice, modern-looking software with a clean UI/UX. Accessing most features is easy, though there is growing feature bloat. The navigation is well-laid out and most features are nicely integrated into the software.

There is no self-sign-up. You will have to talk to a sales rep. I count this as a negative, but this is standard in the marketing automation software field.

To sum it up: Infusionsoft is doing its best to make a complex piece of software easier to use. It has a nice UI/UX though a growing list of features is making it increasingly harder to use. Thankfully, the core features (such as the autmation builder) work seamlessly.

Infusionsoft Review: Pricing, Support, and Community

Pricing: Marketing automation software is generally expensive. The more features you get with your software, the higher the costs. Software that does only email marketing automation - like Drip or ConvertKit - are significantly cheaper than a full-fledged marketing suite.

Given that the latter replace multiple tools, it usually works out cheaper than buying tools individually.

Support, of course, is important. Understanding marketing automation can be hard. Having someone at hand to ask questions and solve issues is a big plus. Some tools offer only email support. Some offer limited phone support with an option to upgrade to more comprehensive support.

Comunity: is often overlooked, though I count it as a crucial feature. A vibrant community means that you get access to insight, learning and networking opportunities. It also means that it's easier to find freelancers and consultants to work with the software.

Let's see how Infusionsoft stacks up on these counts below.


Infusionsoft isn't cheap. The lowest plan starts at $199/month. The software is also billed annually, which means there is a significant upfront cost associated with the tool. You also have to pay an onboarding/setup fee that starts from $999 and goes all the way up to $2999.

On the positive side, Infusionsoft can effectively replace multiple tools, so your actual costs might even come down.

Plan Key Features Billing Period Pricing No. of Users Onboarding Fee Min. Total

Essentials Cheapest

CRM, Marketing Automation

12 Months





Deluxe Best Value

CRM, Marketing Automation,
Sales Automation

12 Months






CRM, Marketing Automation,

12 Months





Complete Most Features

CRM, Marketing Automation,
Sales Automation, E-commerce

12 Months






CRM, Marketing Automation,
Sales Automation, E-commerce

12 Months





A few things to keep in mind:

  • Each plan is billed on an annual basis.
  • The onboarding fee is mandatory and helps you setup and get familiar with the software. The fee ranges from $999 to $2,999
  • The cheapest plan gives you 2,500 contacts and 12,500 emails/month (or 5 emails/contact). You can purchase extra contacts/emails for an additional fee

With a minimum investment of $3,387, Infusionsoft isn't cheap. This doesn't include any consultant/freelancer fee for setting up the software. I wouldn't recommend using Infusionsoft unless you can invest at least $5,000 upfront.

Infusionsoft Competitor Pricing Comparisons

How does Infusionsoft stack up against its chief competitors? Below, I've compared the cheapest plans across key competitors:

Software Cheapest Plan Min. Billing Period Onboarding Fee Min. Total

Infusionsoft Best Value


12 Months



ActiveCampaign Cheapest







1 month



Eloqua Most Expensive


12 months





12 Months





12 Months





1 month





12 months





1 month



I chose InfusionSoft as the "best value" because it has the most comprehensive list of features for marketing automation at the lowest possible price tag (for the features you get).

Of course, there are cheaper alternatives - ConvertKit, Ontraport and ActiveCampaign - but they don't have nearly the same features as InfusionSoft, HubSpot or Salesforce

Bottomline: if you want a tool that can do it all - marketing automation, CRM, payments - go with Infusionsoft. If you want only email marketing focused automation, I recommend starting with ActiveCampaign or ConvertKit


Infusionsoft support is better in terms of pricing as compared to some competitors - you get free 24/7 live chat and phone support from 6AM - 5PM (Arizona time). The quality of the support, however, isn't as comprehensive as, say, Salesforce. Wait times can be as much as 30 minutes for live chat, though phone support fares better. If you have a complex question, you might have to wait up to two days to get a response via email.

The good thing is that Infusionsoft's self-support is quite strong. The required onboarding will do a good job of getting you acquainted with the software. But beyond that, Infusionsoft has a number of webinars and training tools to help you get up to speed. There are also a number of manuals with comprehensive instructions for solving most common issues.

Besides the above, Infusionsoft also runs live events and courses called "Infusionsoft University". These live events are held both online and in select cities throughout the year. This is a great way to learn Infusionsoft and marketing automation at a fairly attractive price (a standard 3-day event costs $599/person). You can see a list of upcoming events here.

In addition to this, Infusionsoft also has a number of certified experts and consultants to help you get the most out of Infusionsoft and your marketing campaigns.

To sum it up:

  • Documentation and self-support is excellent.
  • Phone support is slow but free
  • Regular live events and Infusionsoft-certified consultants are the best way to maximize your results from Infusionsoft


Infusionsoft has been around for nearly two decades. This has given rise to an army of users, enthusiasts and consultants ready to help you with the software. There are regular live events - organized by Infusionsoft as well as the community. You can find a lot of bloggers covering Infusionsoft as well.

On the whole, I would rate Infusionsoft's community a 3.5/5. It's not as large as Salesforce's (but then, few other communities are), but it is small and vibrant enough.


Infusionsoft has a steep upfront price, thanks to the mandatory onboarding. There is also price creep since you have to pay extra to unlock some key features (such as advanced analytics). The support is great, if slow at times. The community is good but not great.

To sum up this Infusionsoft review:

  • Pricing: Relatively expensive with an annual contract. Above Average
  • Support: Solid self-support, slow, but free phone/email support Above Average
  • Community: Strong but small Above Average

Alternatives to Infusionsoft


Enterprise-grade marketing automation with a focus on 1:1 customer journeys. Perfect for medium and large businesses with complex needs.



Inbound marketing-focused marketing automation. Perfect for small businesses starting inbound/content marketing campaigns.



Affordable, small business-focused marketing automation with an easy to use interface and strong email capabilities.


Infusionsoft Review: Final Verdict

Infusionsoft is one of my favorite marketing automation tools, mostly because it offers so much more than just marketing automation. It offers a complete "business in a box". Once you start using it, you won't need to pay for another CRM, email tool, e-commerce software or payment processor. You can literally start a business from scratch with Infusionsoft alone.

What I like the most about Infusionsoft is that you don't really need a large team to get the most from this software. It is perfectly designed for solopreneurs and small teams.

However, the small business focus means that large businesses will find it underpowered for their needs. Personalization is severely lacking and the segmentation capabilities are nowhere near what Salesforce or Eloqua offer. Large businesses: stay away.

The bottomline: if you are a small business, startup, or solopreneur who needs a robust marketing automation tool that can also double up as a CRM and an e-commerce solution, you can't go wrong with Infusionsoft. It is (relatively) affordable, fairly easy to use and offers great support at its price.

Choose Infusionsoft if you:

  • Want an "all-in-one" solution designed for small businesses
  • Focus on email in every stage of the buyer's journey
  • Don't have an existing CRM, payment processor or email solution

Not sure if Infusionsoft is for you? Check out some Infusionsoft Alternatives such as Hubspot and Ontraport